Search Engine Optimization DEP Design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process within a website that helps a web page appear higher in rank search results for a specific keyword. 

Here is how it works.  Major search engines use bots to scour a website to gather details and content from the site to bring back to their search database.  This information is then analyzed to see if the website pages hit important key points required by the search engine. If your site ranks high on those key points, then your site will be seen ranked higher when people are searching for keywords.  The results are called "Organic" search results".  When a business pays for a website to appear higher up in search result ranking it is called "Non-Organic" search results.

At DEP Design we design websites from the ground up with SEO as one of our main focus to help a business rank higher on "Organic" search results.

Our bots will analyze the content of your web page and automatically locate keywords from your content to produce keyword SEO.  The web page content is also cross-linked with other related content to further enhance your SEO. DEP Design will also automatically locate specific content throughout your page to give it a priority and communicate that information to search engine bots through a sitemap.