Heart Shaped Hands Foundation

Heart Shaped Hands Foundation DEP Design

In 2012, Kei Kamara founded the HeartShapedHands foundation with the sole purpose of providing scholarships to schools and students in his home country of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The foundation, named after his signature goal celebration, has allowed Kamara to follow his heart and use his hands to give back to his home country, a place for which he is very passionate.

The funds raised through the HeartShapedHands foundation goes directly to schools and students to help offset the costs of education. School in Sierra Leone is not free to the public, and most young people are unable to continue their education beyond primary school due to funding constraints. According to UNICEF, between 2005 and 2010, only 31% of secondary-school-age children attended school in Sierra Leone. However, the cost to attend most schools average just $100 per year, meaning a relatively small amount of money can have a huge impact in the life of a child in Sierra Leone. 

Visit Heart Shaped Hands website: https://www.heartshapedhands.com

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